Cornwall Map

What's on the map

Our Cornwall map includes everything there is to see on lookaroundcornwall. Use the map to quickly find what you're looking for in any part of Cornwall. The map includes many of Cornwall's beaches as well as everything else there is to see on Lookaround Cornwall - restaurants, hotels, museums, towns and villages and the visitor attractions they offer.

How to use the map

Click a marker to see what's at that location on the map. Click the picture link to go to the page where, as well as an in-depth description of what you'll find there, you can see a jaw-dropping full-screen 360 degree panorama.

Use the map navigation controls on the left to move around and zoom in and out. You can also drag the map to move around. The map isn't restricted to Cornwall - you can see Devon, the UK and in fact anywhere in the World, but you won't find any panoramas outside of Cornwall. If you get lost just click the centre button on the navigation controls to return to the Cornwall map.

This map is powered by Google Maps and shows small scale detail, such as towns, villages, roads and rivers, which you can see by zooming in.

Not all the markers can be seen at low zoom magnifications. For example there are lots of panoramas in Truro, but at the default zoom setting you can only see one marker. The map automatically centres on selected markers so to see all the Truro panoramas click on a marker in or near Truro and use the slider to zoom in.

If you switch to Satellite view at maximum zoom resolution you'll see a very detailed ariel view showing the exact location at which the panorama was shot.

More maps

We'll be adding more maps soon.